We are proud to feature unique Indian Art from a wide range of local and national artists. You are sure to find a special piece for the perfect gift. Each piece of art on this page is guaranteed to be handcrafted and authentic. New pieces of Indian Art are arriving daily so visit our site frequently for updates! Click on the photos below to view a larger photo.


Talking Stick
Navajo Made
10'' long - $12.00

Mini Antlear Peace Pipe, Navajo Made
6'' long - $11.99

Mini War Club Navajo Made
6'' long - $11.99

Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity - ask for available bead colors
Mini Rattle, Navajo Made,
6'' long - $11.99 ea

Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity - ask for available bead colors
Santa Clara Carved Pot - Made By: Sunday Chavarria, Santa Clara
3''w x 3.25''h

Santa Clara Etched Seed Pot - Made By:
C. Nieto,
Santa Clara
3''w x 3''h

Sterling Silver Wedding Vase
Made By: W.K.W, Navajo
1.25''w x 2.5''h

Navajo Coil Pot
Made By: S. Goodman, Navajo
7.5''w x 10''h

Beaded Jar
Made By: Franklin Begay, Navajo
3''w x 4''h

Alabaster Corn Maiden-#F772
Made By: Andy Abeita, Isleta
4.5''w x 8''h

Jemez Pot
Made By: C.G. Lorretto, Jemez
3''w x 2.25''h

Hopi Carved Pot
Made By: Carla Nampeyo, Hopi
4''w x 4''h

Hopi Pot
Made By: Clinton Ploacca, Hopi
4''w x 3.5''h

Buffalo Medicine Wheel
Navajo Made,
6.5''across - $22.99
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Cedar Wood Carving
Made By: Eddie Morresion, Cherokee
2.75''w x 11''h

Aluminum Bear Claw Hatchet Peace Pipe
Navajo Made
7.5'' long



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