Wallace Metal

Wallace Metal

These laser cut metal pieces of wall art feature color patterns that vary, making each piece truly unique.  Suitable for outdoor use but will fade gradually in direct sunlight.  Made in USA.


Chopper Welcome Sign Waterfall Circle Cycle Circle Cycle

Chopper Welcome Sign
Item #5179
18.25in wide x 14.5in tall

Waterfall Circle
Item #4592
14in. across

Cycle Circle
Item #95
14in across

Item #4257
10.5in wide x 5.75in tall

Chopper Mini Cycle Mini Chopper Running Horse

Item #4010
10.75in wide x 6in tall

Mini Cycle
Item #4011
6.25in wide x 3.75in tall

Mini Chopper
Item #14010
6.25in wide x 4in tall

Running Horse
Item #4500
19.5in wide x 12.25in tall


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